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Reiki healing is a form of energy therapy that involves transferring of energy through the laying of hands. This type of healing has been used for years, and it is still being used. To most people, it is commonly known as hands-on-healing or palm healing. Controversies surround reiki healing since it is hard to prove through scientific means. Most people that have considered Reiki healing say it works, and it is increasingly being used. The Reiki advocates say that it can heal various conditions as well as emotional states. They say that it can reduce pain, but there are no studies that have proved that it is effective in treating any disease. With this healing, the energy healing gets to target the energy fields that are around the body. There is the energy medicine which its objective is to aid the flow of energy and also remove some blocks that are within the organization. Practitioners say that as it improves the flow of energy around the body, it enables relaxation, reduces pain, speeds healing, and also reducing various symptoms of illness. In a Reiki session, it is held peacefully but can be carried out in any place. A patient is required to sit on a comfortable chair or lie on the table, fully clothed for the healing procedure to be undertaken. The practitioner will have to place hands over some specific areas of the body that hurts. While the practitioner holds his or her hands above the patient, the transfer of energy gets to take place. At such a time, the hands of the service provider keep on tingling, and it may be warm. Every hand position in held until it gets the point that the practitioner senses that the energy has seized from flowing.

This session might take between twenty minutes and an hour, depending on how sick the patient is. The meetings also get to differ depending on the needs of the clients. According to Reiki practitioners, it is said to have a lot of powers and heal various diseases. The healing effects are accomplished by the universal energy, which is the life force energy that some people believe that it gets to surround us. Reiki experts argue that the energy that is transferred to the patient cannot be measured by anyone; even the scientist cannot attempt. Those patients that receive the healing can only feel it. For one to be a Reiki practitioner, you don’t need to undergo prior training experience or education before you get to the training. Training is not required earlier, as it is a spiritual experience. The Reiki training defers but what they learn is about energies around the body, how to work with the healing power and the ethics of working with the customers. There is always the attunement preparation which entails; one fasting for two or three days, focusing on nature, meditation and releasing negative emotions. Therefore after undergoing the procedure, you will be ready for the training.

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