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Exciting Animal Films You Should Add on Your Watch List

A majority of people in America are animal lovers and have pets at home. Top animations shows peoples love for animals when they experience sad feeling seeing animals facing hardships in the movie. You should, therefore, seek more information on the top animations of all time to consider watching. Here are fantastic animations that you need to watch.

Flipper is one of the old time animal movies you should consider watching. You will follow the emotional journey of a boy who treats an injured dolphin until it can swim again. After the boys kind action he forms a bond with the dolphin. Therefore, the boy big role is to change his fathers attitude towards swimming with dolphins and let maintain the friendship with the dolphin.

If you enjoy animations then you should add Free Willy on your watch list. The plot of the film displays the plight of animals who are captured and separated with their family for human attraction. Many people who watch this movie keep wondering if the whale will reunite with it family making if fun and fascinating to watch.

If you enjoy animal movies, then you should add Finding Nemo on your to watch list. Finding Nemo is among the most popular animation of all time. You will feel sorry for the clownfish dad who is on a journey to reunite with his missing son.

The other animal film you need to watch is Ice Age. The movie follows a story of three mismatched animals who are on the journey to take back a baby they saved to its people. Although the animals in this movie may be extinct the adventure of the movie will keep you on edge on the seat.

If you have fun watching animations then you should check out Hachi: A Dogs Tale. The plot of the movie is about the friendship between an old man and his faithful dog Hachiko. The movie serves as a reminder to how dogs are loyal and great companions.

101 Dalmatians is ideal if you are looking for a live action animal film. The film follows the story of a hundred and one Dalmatians who are trying to escape the evil Cruella. What makes this film amazing is the attention to detail on the appearance of the dogs. The idea of this company was to make the film fascinating to people watching it.

The last animal movie on this list is Paulie. The plot of the movie us about a bird that hopes to get back to its first owner. The bird in the movie intelligent but rebellious and wishes to go back to his first owner.

The above list is ideal for you if you enjoy animations.