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What Gamification Training is All About.

The term gamification is used in reference to a marketing method which involves the use of game playing elements such scoring to other activity areas so as to encourage customers to engage in the company’s product or service. There are certain companies well as institutions that have emerged with the purpose of humiliation training where they teach other companies in how to make use of gamification in their marketing structures to their advantage. The main objective of the training is to be able to help companies align their leaning goals to their company’s objectives. Training employees in the workplace has become a fundamental activity for most companies in the world, but the unfortunate part of the training is that employees tend to forget about ninety recent of what they learned in the training session simply because they are not motivated to retain the information.

Gamification companies tend to change this by incorporating motivating enhancement levels that will increase the employee information retaining percentage. Some of the methods that they implement during the sessions include, keeping the session short, customization of games to form working challenges the employees might face in their industry, team-building exercises as well as training and development. Most company employees have limited time to complete their job tasks of the day and hence can only spare limited focus time to undergo through a training session. You should, therefore, stock to short and timely training that is focused on the Agenda as it will make the employees more engaged in the training while making it fun at the same time. Going astray of the training makes employees lose focus as well as disregard the importance of the training, which reduces their information retention level as well but sticking to the topic increases their retention levels.

Gamification training methods can also be customized to suit your company’s preference. Customization of certain games, when used as a learning activity, will make your employees build connections and learn how to work in teams not only for the games but in the workplace as well. This will also help them in making future company decisions as they will learn how to spend and rely on each other so as to work as one functioning unit. Sometimes being away from the office environment brings a more clear understanding of how to relate and work together as a team. Gamification also involves team-building exercises. The importance of team building is that your employees will be taught how to focus by team facilitators on certain team activities that will teach them vital company skills such as communication, alignment, strength and gap analysis as well as appreciative inquiry.

The gamification company will also be responsible for teaching your employees how to incorporate leadership training to bring about the real business impact on your company. This method of training will ensure that employees use the skills learned in their day to day activities while going about their daily task force. The training program will also provide continuous and repetitive support so as to be assured of the desired end result.

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