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Why Functional Medicine Is a Better Choice

There are a whole lot of things that can interrupt your overall well-being and among them are the toxins, vitamins deficiency, sensitivity, hormone imbalance, and others. Instead of treating the underlying root cause of a disease, the conventional health care systems mask the diseases’ symptoms with prescription drugs. It is easy to note that the current conventional healthcare systems only treat the symptoms and not the underlying root causes of the problem in the first place, with the prescription drugs. Functional medicine us the future of conventional medicine and is a system that seeks to identify and address the root cause of the diseases that you may be having. The system has a holistic approach and not as a collection of the independent organs like in conventional medicine. With the functional medicine system, instead of looking for a medicine that matches a disease, they ask why there is a problem in the first place, why the function has been lost and what can be done. Anyone can, therefore, benefit from treatment even ewe there is no apparent diseases.

Sometimes it is hard to detect some of the ailments and especially when they are in their early stages with the conventional healthcare systems, but this is not a problem with this system and probably one of the best things about it. You have heard that someone, or even you, have gone to a health care facility only to be told that their bodies seem fine and yet they do not feel that way. One of the differences between the conventional and the functional medicine systems is that the lab runs for the functional medicine are interpreted differently and are more extensive. While the lad results for conventional medicine can be vague since they use some reference range to tell whether the results are high, normal or low. since normal healthcare will use a reference range to tell you whether the results are normal, low or high, they can be really vague. The functional medicine lab tests, on the other hand, can be used to tell whether you are in perfect health, are normal or are progressing towards a disease. While the conventional medicine doctor will just test for the diseases that they think is causing your ailments, the functional doctor will be run an extended test that checks even your body imbalances, deficiencies, dysfunctions, and other infections too.

The fact that the larger part of the functional medical system will involve the change in your lifestyle, you will be spending more time with the doctor. This makes the method perfect for the people dealing with chronic diseases or the ones that need the doctor’s close supervisions. Functional medicine is more of a journey and before going in, you should be ready to answer many questions about you, change your lifestyle and also have people around you that supports you. You will then look for the right practitioner and recommendations, their area of specialization and how long the appointments last and for how long you will need to do them.

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