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Tips to EMP Proof Your Devices

Electromagnetic Pulse or simply EMP attack could happen for a number of reasons either it is natural or manmade. As a matter of fact, you may be surprised with how many electronic gadgets that you may proof with EMP. It is simply having the ability to understand the science behind EMP and at the same time, building or finding such equipment.

If ever you are confused by these electronic devices, then just keep in mind that every component does 1 of 5 things with mathematical precision which depends on the materials used for it and these 5 things are allowing electrons to flow through, not allowing electrons to flow through, preventing electrons to flow until there’s enough of them that has built up in one end of component, allowing electrons to flow if they’re moving in a single direction but not if they go on the opposite way and atoms within a component might chance the organization of their electrons so the electrical flow can be slowed down or accelerated.

As soon as you have understood what each component can do, connecting the parts in different patterns would now lead to a bigger device that can do very specific goals. Basically, what you need to do this is access to the right component and diagram to show how it could be arranged.

Unless you are living in a less civilized place, you are certainly aware of the presence of unfriendly nations who have nuclear weapons. This is a real threat to the world as we know and if we’re attacked by nuclear bomb, it is going to create an electromagnetic pulse that may turn natural and manmade structures in rubble in couple or more seconds. At the same time, there is a need to know how it is going to affect mankind.

The mere electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear blast is capable of disabling appliances and electronic devices within predetermined radius and this is going to depend on how high the explosion happened. It is certain that the power grid will be shut down or if not, it will be permanently destroyed. Well just try to think of all the potential consequences it can bring on anyone. But don’t worry yet since none of these probable consequences have happened. However, even if it happens (knock on wood) it is better that we are prepared for these things by EMP-proofing our electronic devices.

There are many ways actually on how you can EMP proof a certain device with the straightforward and most basic option is by simply buying an EMP protector device either from online stores or a brick and mortar shop.

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