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Pleasant and Amazing Ways on How People Can Achieve A Straight Nose Without Surgery

If research was carried out today, a very bigger percentage of the worldwide population will obviously choose the sharp and pointed nose which however is not what they have obviously and have to put in extra efforts to achieve it. Even with such situations at hand, no single person that puts so much emphasis on facial beauty can ignore the thought of having the alien looking right nose in the middle of their face. The best thing to understand if you are among the big crowd looking to attain their perfectly cultured thin nose is that you are not alone and do not also have to see a surgeon to achieve the same which is one of the biggest rumors rotating around the world today. It is just but a myth and it is almost impossible to learn that there are many other ways of achieving the thin and pointed nose without going through the knife as seen below.

It is almost impossible to believe that one can get the popular straight nose as long as they massage their nose in the right manner consistently for a few minutes every day. The exercise is not just suitable for shaping the nose but also helps to tone up the nose muscles all thanks to the pressure that results from the same. People that suffer from migraines and sinuses should also find the exercise useful and also an effective way or relieving their pain as well and all one needs to do is use their fingertips to massage the sides of the nose and the bridge in a circular motion and they are good to go. Just like everyone would guess, patience and consistency is key when doing the exercise and one should ensure that they do not just do it daily but also maintain it at 5 or more minutes for perfect and fast results in the end.

Who ever knew that by breathing right in and out via the nose, one can achieve the admirable and appealing sharp and thin nose? Yoga is so popular across the world today and it does not just help to keep someone healthy and fit but performing Pranayama as said above can also help to shorten and sharpen people’s nose effectively and effortlessly. It is a very simple exercise that one needs not to engage in any exhaustive poses to perform it but all they have to do is sit with their legs crossed, use the thumb to block one nostril and breathe in for 4 secs via the other. One should then block the other nostril by use of their ring finger without exhaling and them exhale from the one that was blocked earlier on for 8 seconds and then do it repetitively by timing oneself for about 5 minutes at the beginning and eventually increase to 10 and even 15 minutes in the end.

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