Before Buying Press Machines

Since press machines are now available in various types and models, it might be difficult to select one. It is supposed to meet the standard of your business’ or sector’s purpose. You can either purchase it on the offline stores or online. It is up to you where you want to buy one but to look for the best offer is suggested. When you decide to buy it online, it usually provides more complete types. Choose the one which is already experienced in satisfyingly serving the clients and offering expert assistance. The quality of their products also matters.

The machines are mostly categorized into the hydraulic press, the eccentric press, the universal press and forging press. It is commonly used by various sectors including cutting and bending It is highly recommended for you to choose the multifunctional one. The most-used press machine is universal press machine. It is popular because it can be utilized for some uses. This is thought to be more convenient and efficient for your work. This machine comes in five types and varies based on the pressure forces. The universal one comes into several models you might consider: ram stroke, throat (gap), ram surface, pressure force, and output. Choose the one which is really useful for your needs and commercial programs. Besides, consider the weights and sizes are also vital for your convenience.

The least one comes with 60 kN pressure force and 1.5 kW output. The ram stroke is 160 mm and the surface is sized 180×250 mm. While the throat or gap is 160 mm. If you are looking for the mid class, the specs are 100 kN pressure force, 3 kW output, 200-mm ram stroke, 200×280 mm for the surface, and 200-mm throat or gap. Meanwhile, the biggest available version comes with 400-kN pressure force, 11-kW output, 250-mm ram stroke, 315-mm throat, and the ram surface is sized 250×470 mm.